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GI Wires

G.I. Wire are used to manufacture Chainlink Fencing, Barbed Wire, Welded mesh and various types of Wire mesh, Bucket handles, Belt clips, Ceiling Wires, and more over largely used to grow creepers at various agricultural yards and Grape vine yards.

PVC Wires

PVC Coated Wire are basically used to manufacture Chainlink Fencing, Welded Mesh and Barbed Wire. Moreover this are used for packing, bundling and at commercial level as Cabling.

S.S. Wires

S.S.Wire are popularly used to manufacture S.S.Wire meshes, Book binding purposes, Railings, Designer Grills etc. Engineering, Chemical, Construction and various other industries besides having applicationsapplications in manufacturing of Kitchen Wares, Utensils and Ornaments.

M.S. Wires

M.S.Wire is vastly used as Binding wires at construction sites. Used for making customised Grills, handles for buckets etc.